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LACAL Consulting, Inc. - SBE/DBE certified by Los Angeles County Metro - provides professional services for clients with projects involving relocation planning and assistance, property acquisition services and property management, as well as income certifications/recertifications for new acquisition affordable properties. The company was created with the dedicated purpose of providing professional, prompt and excellent service.

We provide project relocation assistance (temporary and permanent) tailored to our client’s needs and in compliance with the proposed funding source regulations, such as HUD, Cal FHA, URA, California Code, Title 25 and TCAC. We understand that a successful project requires thorough relocation planning and solid project cost estimate inclusive of the governing regulations and clients’ goals. Our proactive management approach includes performing an initial project evaluation and a basic cost estimate, prompt noticing, tenant interactions, claim forms, replacement unit market research, relocation plan preparation and secure that occupants are successfully relocated and their benefits processed and claimed.

Our staff is multi-lingual, real estate brokers, real estate agents, and notaries. SBE/DBE certified by Los Angeles County Metro.

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We take the time to listen to our clients' needs, thereby ensuring timely and efficient project planning and cost estimates. We specialize in affordable and senior housing rehabilitation projects, always striving for the utmost care of affected individuals and families during their stressful time of moving. 

In addition to relocation planning, implementation and project management, LACAL Consulting provides short-term and long-term property management services and 3rd party income certifications/recertifications.

We welcome your request for additional information about our company and look forward to addressing your needs.

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